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Data-CX is a centrally managed data clearing house for investment banks and data providers... Read more »


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FastND is a tool for financial professionals that helps reduce the quantity of information but increase the quality you receive... Read more »


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Deal-data is a service for bankers and corporate lawyers. Our transaction database is user-generated and user-policed... Read more »


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T-moves is a service that tracks the micro-blogging traffic for keywords in finance, identifying patterns that help traders and investors... Read more »

Welcome to Our Company

Finfore is a company focused on developing new web-based services for the financial services industry. We are focused on keeping the highest security and reliability that finance professionals expect but enhancing the service at a reduced cost to our users.

More than Finance

In addition to developing commercial applications we believe in using our knowledge and strong network to do good. For example, we seek to develop services for charities and not-for-profit organisations.

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